A Self Managed Super Fund is a form of trust which can be formed between Husband and Wife (Trustees) for the sole purpose of providing an income upon retirement for its members, or as a death benefit.

Since 2007 superannuation laws have allowed SMSF to borrow money in order to purchase a Property Investment, as long as a restrict set of rules are followed.

To Purchase an investment property with your super, you need to set up a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and use your super existing fund and borrowed money to purchase a property investment.

Who can be in your SMSF?
The fund can include relatives such as your spouse, children and/or parents (up to a total of four members).

Benefit of SMSF:

  • You have control over where your money is invested
  • Help you to save on tax (15% flat rate) and on admin. cost.

Where can SMSF to invest?

  • Managed funds, shares and property.
  • Cash and fixed interest.
  • Business real property.

SMSF Setup Cost:

All the setup cost, tax payments and any other general cost should be paid from SMSF account.