Income Tax in Australian Taxation System is complex and is subject to changes in all the time, as a result if you prepare your business/personal tax related information incorrectly then you might be subject to the ATO audit and penalty. 

Using the services of Hadi's Accounting means you can be assured that your tax return can be prepared and lodged correctly and in case of any genuine mistakes it can be amended without any charges and also, we can prepare and lodge any type of the tax returns for the years you are falling behind. 

Each business structure has different tax implications so

 We will try to make sure, you take advantage of every legal way to minimise your tax payment and will apply any changes of tax law, so that you can bring down your tax payment.


One of the most popular tax minimization strategies is Negative gearing:

Negative gearing is an investment strategy where you purchase a property investment where your rental income will be less than your rental expenses like Building depreciation, interest on mortgage, management fees and etc.


Advantage of Negative Gearing:

Negative Gearing is very popular because by law you can offset your rental losses against your wages.


Positive Gearing:

Occurs when you receive more in rental income from your tenants than what you pay on like loan interest, property maintenance, management fees, rates etc.